Dong Foo Pop Up #1

Welcome to Dong Foo’s first Pop Up! Dong foo is a concept created by Duong Le, with focus on food and communication.

Pop Up #1 will take you back to Duong’s roots. You will experience the flavors Duong was raised with, the vietnamese food. Duong and his awesome team will do everything to ensure you’ll get the best possible experience.

We look forward to see you there! #dongfoo

Important info!

The format

On February 20th Dong Foo will arrange Pop Up #1, on Vallhallavägen 65th. You can choose between two seatings; 18.00 & 21.00. There will also be two menus, meat or fish.



You buy tickets in advance here on the website. The price per ticket is 275 SEK (including VAT), and the ticket includes two dishes (meat / fish). We advise you to buy tickets in groups, as we will treat all group buys as a company and seat you accordingly. After you’ve bought the ticket(s), you will be able to choose between the two menus and specify other information for each ticket. (We’re trying to solve so you only have to enter the information for an order, but right now you have to fill in each individual ticket).Seats are limited to 150 - first come, first served.




  • A vietnamese salad with roasted peanuts and fried shallots
  • Vietnam salmon tartar on bed of rice with chili and sesamemayo.


  • A vietnamese salad with roasted peanuts and fried shallots.
  • Soya braised pork with rice and pickled cucumber.(For the vegetarian option, please contact us by email)


The three AAA:s

Alcohol: We will sell beers!

Allergies: Enter allergies in the form after you have bought the ticket(s)!

Cancellation: We will be able to receive cancellations until February 16th. Refunds are not available past this date.

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Duong Le


Oskar Klavebäck
Allan Salih
Arabo Soleymani
Ludvig Eby
Helene Cathrine Schalck
Alexander Rotkopf
Christoffer Larsson
Elias Rossell